Podcast Video Maker

Quickly create an instagram story from a clip of your favorite podcast. 

Find your favorite podcasts, select an episode, choose a short clip, and create an instagram story promoting the podcast. 

For any issues with the app, questions, or feature requests, please email support:


There are 5 steps: 

  • Find your favorite podcast
  • Select an episode
  • Choose a short snipped
  • Create and preview your story. 
  • Share to an instagram story or to gallery. 

App Store / Playstore link: http://onelink.to/bw3bbc

Video Tutorial

The FREE Version gives you:

  • A 10 second export duration
  • All 4 layouts: Player, Story 1, Story 2, Timeline
  • Exported videos will have app branding attached to them

The PRO Version unlocks:

  • All export durations, including: 15, 30, 60s
  • App branding is removed from exports
  • Custom text option instead of built-in Title / Subtitle from the podcast episode
  • Custom images from the gallery or the camera.