Song Compose and Transpose

A basic and straightforward editor app that can transpose chord changes well, ignoring all lyrics and other notes.

  • Maintain a list of songs you play quickly on your phone.
  • Quickly transpose each song to any key. If your singer says: “Can we do this down a whole tone?” You can immediately have transposed notes in that key.
  • The compose feature allows you to quickly insert new chords into a song sheet.
  • The share button copies the song notes to the Pasteboard, so you can paste them anywhere you want.
  • This app is for musicians that already know how to play chords by their name alone, on any instrument. For example: C#min7b5.

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Quick Tutorial

  1. Create a Song by pressing the + button.
  2. PASTE any song sheet from the web by LONG-Pressing and selecting Paste.
  3. Press Transpose UP/DOWN buttons to transpose the song.
  4. Press the Font Size UP/DOWN buttons to change the size of the song to your liking. This size will be remembered across all tunes.
  5. Press the Chord Composer button to add new chords to the song. The chord will be added at the current cursor position.
  6. If you need help, click “Repeat Instructions” on the main screen, to see the Onboarding Tutorials again.